Rob Lantz

Rob Started going to Sci Fi and Horror conventions in the late 80's, culminating in his first Anime convention in 1994. The rest as they say, is history. Since then, Rob has become a bit of a hallmark at Anime cons, MCing at the costume contests, hosting panels and dominating the 'Anime Name that Tune' game show. Although retired from the Anime convention costuming competition scene, Rob has won numerous awards, in them including many 'Best Presentations',  'Most Humorous', over more than half a dozen 'Best In Shows' and even a few awards in his first foray into Costume Con. When not being the butt of everyones jokes at Luna C, he likes to ride his motorcycles and race his RX7(legally, thank you). Robs most recent claim to fame is his eerie likeness to a certain Movie Captain.