Rachel Wyman: has been entertaining audiences most of her life. She first co-wrote & performed a comedy show for her fellow classmates back in the 1st Grade. After school and stints as a Park Ranger and professional puppeteer (Which she still does every once in awhile with Beale St Puppets.) Rachel seemed doomed to spend her life as a lowly government peon. But with the advent of the internet she fully embraced her inner-geek & threw herself into the worlds of Renaissance Fairs & Sci-Fi Fandom. Both of which led her to pulling out her Mom’s sewing machine. She quickly became infamous for her twisted Klingon costumes & the founding of the Klingon Kleavage Klub for Women. After amassing an impressive rack... of awards that is... she now finds herself in the lofty position of being an ICG Master Costumer & Honorary Sick Pup. (That’s what happens when you win the Spazzy too many times!) During the fall of 1997 Rachel was easily coerced into joining Luna-C with the temptation of being able to perform longer-than-30-second comedy shticks. Now one of the group’s stable of writers she specializes in plager... um... paying homage to the classics of comedy.