Dana Stewart: A transplant to the Virginia area from Upstate New York, Dana has been costuming and prop building since 1986. With conventions too numerous to count under his belt, he joined Luna-C in 2002 to play the part of Harold-Wan in the “Qui-Red Green Show” sketch. Little did the audience suspect what horrors were to come.  Unleashing his insanity onto unsuspecting con goers at Masquerades and Luna-C performances for almost a decade with ditties  such as: Stargate Dialing, The Dookus of Hazard, Patrificus Viagrus, and Oodyear he shows no signs that therapy has helped in the least. With his trusty “Book of Anal” (for costume research) by his side, accuracy and attention to details are something he strives for, one could say almost to the point of ... obsession.  
 Major Awards:
2001 Shore-Leave 23 Best In Show  Blue Borg Group
2003 Shore-Leave 25 Best In Show  The Clone Ranger
2005 Shoreleave  27 Most Humorous Six Flags Coruscant